The Ways You Have of Making Cheap Europe Travel Possible for Yourself

The dollar may be weak and you may have a hard time finding bargains when you travel around Europe. But if with your unflagging spirit, you still haven’t given up trying to score a few ways to make cheap Europe travel possible, here’s how you go about it.

Europe is famous for its ultra-low-cost airlines – EasyJet and Vueling are two popular low-cost airlines, for instance. It is the practice with Europe’s a low-cost airlines to offer you cheap Europe travel packages with airline fares, car rentals and hotel rooms thrown in. They have dozens and dozens of packages for different needs; if you have the patience to trace a finger through all of them and make a few compromises along the way, you’ll have some pretty cheap Europe travel options before you.

In Europe, where train travel can be a vastly superior experience to what you find in the US, traveling by train can sometimes be more expensive than traveling by air. However, the European train system offers ways in which to economize. For instance, buying a ticket three days in advance for a train trip in Germany, gives you a quarter off; if you buy on a weekend, you’ll get a half off. Buy a ticket well enough in advance for train travel out of France, and you can get tickets that are practically free.

The cities of Europe can be spectacularly expensive to stay in. There are deals to be had though, when you take the time to check the offers out that clutter up the tourism websites. Visit every important tourism website for every city on your itinerary and you’ll find special offers that give you hotel and attraction packages that can save you lots of money. All you need to do is to pay for a night at one of the hotels they offer you, and you’ll find that tickets to plenty of expensive attractions in the city get thrown in for free.

Traveling around any European city can be such a pleasant experience. They usually have great public transportation – buses, underground trains, bicycle rentals. But you need to make sure that you don’t ever buy single tickets on any public transportation service. In London for instance, a single underground ticket can set you back by $12. Buy a day pass (presumably called an Oyster card because it opens London up like an oyster to you) for just a couple of dollars more though, and you can travel as much as you want. Buy a city pass in many European cities and you get all kinds of attractions thrown in as well. If you plan to go to at least five or six museums or other places around the city, these could be well worth it.